Fossil Expeditions Museum

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The fossils in our on-line museum were found in Florida creeks and rivers.
Their ages vary greatly, from as recent as 10-12,000 years or as old 15 million years.

Florida emerged from the warm Atlantic Ocean about 30 million years ago,
35 million years after dinosaurs became extinct. For that reason,
no one has ever found any dinosaur bones in our state. However, ancient
mammals and sharks thrived here, including such unusualcreatures as two-story
tall giant ground sloths, VW-size armadillos, tiny three-toed horses,
humpless camels, hornless rhinos, fierce saber-toothed cats, massive
mammoths and sharks as large as a Greyhound bus.

Florida's first people were here to witness--if not participate in--the demise
of many of these animals some 10,000 to 15,000 years ago.