Sample Articles about us -- past 20 years

Tropicalia (Fort Myers News-Press) - "Big Beasts"

CNN's Fortune Small Business Magazine - "When Mastodons ruled South Florida"

Fort Myers News-Press - "Man takes to waterways in hunt for ancient treasures"

St. Pete Times - "My what big teeth you had!"

Palm Beach Post - "Fossilers be wary: Don't join the prey"

Naples Daily News - "Foraging for Fossils"

Sample articles we have written - past 16 years

Florida Travel & Life - Venice Beach Collecting

Fossil News - "Meg, We Hardly Knew Ye"

Prehistoric Times - "Megalodon: Hunting the Hunter"

Fossil Expeditions - "Exploring the Eternal Suwannee River"

Absolutely Florida! - "THE BUZZ ON FLORIDA: A primer on mosquitoes, fire ants, cock roaches, wolf spiders, love bugs, jelly fish, snakes, alligators and bikinis."

Absolutely Florida! - In Search of a Petrified Forest"

Absolutely Florida! - "Our 30,000,000 Year Journey and Things That Go Bump in the Night"

Absolutely Florida! - "Florida's Manatees: In Troubled Waters

Additional Articles forthcoming.