Elaine Zeiger leads the way as a herd of fossilers takes to the Peace.

Who's taking care of Sue? Two of Sue's friends - Sue being the T-Rex housed at the Chicago Field Museum - joined us on a recent river trip. Irene Buoede (left), and Karen Nordquist (right), are Field Museum volunteers who get to show Sue to the world. They were accompanied by another friend, Elaine Zeigler (middle).

Section of whale or mammoth rib the ladies found.

Carol Hansen of Minnesota is a diehard Meg collector. Check out her tatoo.

Most of the time it's an easy stroll to the site. Other times…

But the spoils are always worth the 3,000 mile hike.

Meg, Meg, Meg.

This mastodon tusk tip was poking out of the banks of the river. Note the wear from rubbing up against trees. Not me, the tusk.

Duke and Sarah Metzler on their second outing.

Some of Duke and Sarah's finds. First the shark teeth…

Then what appears to be a bison and a horse vertebra.

Followed by part of a mammoth vertebra.

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