Order: Xenarthrans, which means "strange joints". Also known as Edentata, which means "without teeth", although definition only fits the anteaters.

Glyptodont (Glyptotherium floridanum) bony armour plates. Left is tail armour and right is part of main carapice. Glyptos nearly reached the size of a VW-Bug and weighed as much as two tons. They were not true armadillos, as their plates were not moveable like you find with the Texas nine-banded armadillo today. Glyptodonts are extinct.

Glyptodont upper mandible with figure-8 style teeth.

Glyptodont vertebra.

Scutes -- Holmesina septentrionalis, a true armadillo that reached 6-7 feet in length and may have weighed up to 600 pounds. Family - Dasypodidae. Holmesina is extinct.

Holmesina skull.

Close-up of Holmesina skull.

Extinct armadillo that was slightly larger than today's 9-banded armadillo. Family - Dasypodidae; Species -Dasypus bellus