Order: Xenarthrans, which means "strange joints". Also known as Edentata, which means "without teeth", although definition only fits the anteaters.


(extinct armadillo-like animal)

Glyptodont (Glyptotherium floridanum) bony armour plates. Left is tail armour and right is part of main carapice. Glyptos reached the size of a VW-Bug and weighed as much as two tons. They were not true armadillos, as their plates were not moveable like you find with the Texas nine-banded armadillo today. Glyptodonts are extinct.

Glyptodont upper mandible with figure-8 style teeth.

Glyptodont vertebra.

Scutes -- Holmesina septentrionalis, a true armadillo that reached 6-7 feet in length and may have weighed up to 600 pounds. Family - Dasypodidae. Holmesina is extinct.

Holmesina skull.

Close-up of Holmesina skull.

Extinct armadillo that was slightly larger than today's 9-banded armadillo. Family - Dasypodidae; Species -Dasypus bellus

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