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Many moons ago in the early 90s, my wife Marisa and I decided we were going to turn our avocational love for the past and present wilds of Florida into our occupation. So we started Fossil Expeditions and Megalodon Expeditions. Although we have been in business for nearly an Ice Age, we have yet to lose the passion and interest that first inspired us.

A few days each week, we can be found sloshing around with a small group of crazies like us in the shallows of some stream, scanning the bottom for marine or terrestrial fossils. For us, "just another day at the office" takes on a very special meaning. University Press of Florida published Mark's first book "Fossiling In Florida" in 1999, and we have since published other books on our own. Our publishing company is called PaleoPress.net. We have an additional web site for Mark's nature photography and Marisa's art at FloridaTimeForgot.com. See you on the river!

Mark and Marisa Renz


See Mark's nature photography and Marisa's art.