Miscellaneous Peace River, FL. finds - 2018

Kevin Smith finally hooked his Meg! Nice catch Kevin!

The Peace River Boys (Upper row left to right: Mako, Meg, Snaggle, Mako. Lower row left to right: Snaggle, Snaggle, Tiger, Tiger). Found by Kevin Smith.

A lunker Mako.

Three-toed horse tooth. Notice the circle of enamel, which the Equus doesn't have.

Side view of the three-toed horse tooth. Age anywhere from 2 to 7 million years.

A handful of assorted teeth. Can you name each one? (tiger, mako, gray, snaggle-tooth, lemon, sand tiger).

Posterior Meg.

A face only a mother could love. Or better still, a Sea Robin nose bone only a fossil hunter could love.

Armor, or dermal denticle on the back of a ray.

Snaggletooth shark...huge tooth. Notice the circle. Possibly caused by a a sting ray barb
as the ray was protecting itself from the shark.

Whale tooth.

Sand tiger shark teeth (paleo acupuncturists).

Horse (Equus sp.) tooth.

Meg beauty.

Large Mako.

Glyptodont scute. Armor from a 1-ton armadillo, nearly the size of a VW Bug.

Paleo Buds (Meg teeth).