Miscellaneous Peace River, FL. finds - 2018

Kevin Smith finally hooked his Meg! Nice catch Kevin!

The Peace River Boys (Upper row left to right: Mako, Meg, Snaggle, Mako. Lower row left to right: Snaggle, Snaggle, Tiger, Tiger). Found by Kevin Smith.

A lunker Mako.

Three-toed horse tooth. Notice the circle of enamel, which the Equus doesn't have.

Side view of the three-toed horse tooth. Age anywhere from 2 to 7 million years.

A handful of assorted teeth. Can you name each one? (tiger, mako, gray, snaggle-tooth, lemon, sand tiger).

Posterior Meg.

A face only a fossil hunter could love. Or better still, a Sea Robin nose bone only a fossil hunter could love.

Armor, or dermal denticle on the back of a ray.

Snaggletooth shark...huge tooth. Notice the circle. Was it caused by a marine organism drilling into the tooth after the shark lost it? Or perhaps it's a defensive or aggressive bite mark from a toothed whale. Or it may just be the way the tooth eroded.

Whale tooth. Died perhaps while defending itself from, or attacking a large snaggle-tooth shark?

Sand tiger shark teeth (paleo acupuncturists).

Horse (Equus sp.) tooth.

Meg beauty.

Large Mako.

Glyptodont scute. Armor from a 1-ton armadillo, nearly the size of a VW Bug.

Paleo Buds (Meg teeth).